Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How Did It All Started?

Hmm, let's see. It began with watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for the first time. I have always been a fan of the Lord of The Rings series (my favorite back then was Legolas *Winks*). When I heard that Peter Jackson decided to make The Hobbit after all, I was of course overjoyed. But unlike any ordinary fan, I did not follow the production blog whatsoever. Let alone going to find out who the casts were.

And then I went to watch it in the theatres. The first time I saw Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins - he was seated on the bench outside his hobbit hole smoking. (No accelerated heartbeat there, at least not yet.)

He started speaking, in that cute nasal-British-accent of his. Okay, nevermind. Then he started making faces when he heard the doorbell rang. All the little gestures he made, his nervous laugh, cute whimper - in between interrupted by the appearance of the first hot dwarf - Aidan Turner's Kili.

There was yet a 2nd interruption by the appearance of the sexy hot dwarf - Richard Armitage's Thorin.  

I swore Richard Armitage really caught my attention then. I sat through 2 hours and 50 minutes of the movie. And I did the usual stuff, look up on Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner and also abit on Martin Freeman. I came to know he was that short middle-age (no offense intended here) guy with the gray hair starring in the BBC series, Sherlock.

Something started budding deep inside of me. I went to watch The Hobbit for the 2nd time. Yeah, Thorin and Kili are still the hot dwarves but I started feeling something about the young Bilbo. I just can't get him out of my head. There was just something so cute about him. I was almost unwilling to admit my stirring feelings for him because to me, back then, he was still that middle-age dude.

After the wait for 4 months, The Hobbit is finally available in disc format. MEANING I'll be able to rewind and replay all the scenes and rewatch the movie as many times as I like. (To date, I had watched about 12 times in total and counting, inclusive of the 2 times I watched in the theatres. =P)

That was when my feelings for Martin Freeman went fullblown. I went and bought BBC's Sherlock in DVD boxset, watching it while lying down on my bed, right before I went to sleep. (So I can 'replay' his adorable voice over and over in my heard when I drift off to sleep.) I went and watch all The Hobbit interviews of him on Youtube. These are my favorites and I will watch/listen to them even at work:-
  • The Hobbit MSN Interview: Andy Serkis with Martin Freeman Doing His Best Gollum Impression...Twice!

  • MAX 60 Seconds with Martin Freeman (The Hobbit)

  • MAX 60 Seconds with Richard Armitage (The Hobbit) 

    Then it's his past work, oh, his past work *squeals~*, The Office especially:-
  • Martin Freeman's Adorable Laugh
  • Rare The Office blooper with Tim and Keith.
  • The Office - Bloopers

And also, what else can he do with his adorable voice?? He sings as well:-
  • BBC Sherlock-One Love (sung by Martin Freeman)

Hell, Martin Freeman is no longer that middle-age dude. Look at the face! That nose! The way he dresses! Listen to that voice! I had hopelessly fallen head-over-heels over this adorable little man. And the only thing that I looked forward to everyday after a long day of work is to rewatch The Hobbit/Sherlock and those Youtube videos of his, then I can end my day and sleep happy.

I don't give a damn whether he loves to swear, his age, his less-than-perfect complexion, or he is a hedgehog or made of kittens or whatever cutie creature he can be or the fact that he is totally not my type at all - I'm just crazy about him.  

My only frustrations are that I have to keep everything under control (coz' I have an actual steady boyfriend) and that I can't find anyone on my Facebook's friends list to share the same interest in. So, anyone out there who heard me, I'll love to be friends! =))