Friday, October 18, 2013

Secrets, Leaks And Sherlock

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Benedict on the cover of Time magazine yesterday. I thought it was one of another edit by one of the fans out there. I never been so wrong.

Yup, the man actually made it onto the cover of Time magazine.

Doesn't he look so swoonsome on the cover? Like it is where he should belong. 

It's funny though, coz' US is the only edition without Benny on the cover: 

I'm just glad Singapore belongs to the 'Asia' region, who gets the Benedict cover. Hehe. Decided to try my luck at Books Kinokuniya today upon hearing the news last night. There it is. sitting on the shelf and Benny's handsome face looking back at me: 

I bought a total of three copies and when I brought them up to the cashier, the lady was like, 'So you're getting three of the same magazine, right?' Oh yes, you better believe it, lady! It's not everyday your idol make it to the cover of Time magazine, okay? And thou shalt never, ever, underestimate the power of one's fandom. =P

Well, I'm gonna get me a frame and frame the magazine up. For those who don't get it in your country, here are the contents (click for larger and more readable size): 

It's a rather wordy interview if you ask me but it's a good one. =)

There you have it. This is my first ever copy of Time magazine, probably my last, unless Martin got on the cover as well. Anyways, it's really unbelievable to see a star whom you are familiar with on the cover of Time magazine. And your favorite TV show got mentioned in it as well. Like wow. *o*

Again, I do not wish to break any law. If you are a true fan of Benedict Cumberbatch, I will encourage you to buy a copy and frame it up. Yup. Gotta go, enjoy your weekend, guys~ <3

***UPDATE*** Go Behind the Scenes with Benedict Cumberbatch

Read about how the photographer felt while working with Benedict on the photoshoot for Time magazine: 

Read full article here:


  1. very awesome, got my copy of TIME yesterday ;)

    1. I got my copy a few last week and I was very lucky because when I went the next day to the shop there were none left. It just sucks that the magazine costs about £3.00 for such few pages >.< BAH! I wish it had more content at least.

    2. I have to say it's not everyday your favorite idol is on the cover of Time magazine! Well, the content is wordy at least! xD

  2. I fell in love with Mr Cumberbatch only a few months after so I missed out on this issue, now I'm looking to get the magazine online somehow but ebay leads me to copies that I need to fork out S$100 for >< *cries*