Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Be prepared for Barmaggedon!

Edgar Wright reveals 2 new posters for The World's End on his website!

Here's the international version: 

The US version: 

I have been reading several articles on the web saying how we should all go see The World's End coz' Martin is actually in it, instead of having very brief or small part in the movie.

That thing with that darn fence. Lol. Every single time. =X

Martin owns the last second of The World's End trailer. <3

A quote from the article by Michael Arbeiter on

"(The film is) Entirely reminiscent of Shaun (of the Dead), right down to the setting and visual aesthetic. But there's something in this one that might separate it from former Pegg/Frost/Wright collaborations: Martin Freeman. So maybe Freeman will be what keeps The World's End from feeling like nothing more than a rehashed Shaun of the Dead. Another vast world saved by the peppy young Bilbo."

Full article here:

Can't wait. I was just making my boyfriend rewatch Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz the other day. I am sooo gonna pester my boyfriend to treat and bring me to The World's End as part of my birthday treat. =P