Sunday, May 19, 2013

Benedict's Sinister Monologue

This is a wallpaper I made after watching Star Trek Into Darkness, finally, last night. You guys are welcome to request from me a version without Simon in the background. =P To be honest, I really did go watch Star Trek because of Benedict Cumberbatch and Simon Pegg. ^^; (My boyfriend dozed off several times throughout the movie, it's just not his type of movie... -.-''')

The first scene where Benedict's John Harrison/Khan first made appearance, I was like *swoon*. With his dark hair slick back, that black sinister looking coat (a perfect match for his sinister voice), his high cheekbones, his eyes all squinty...

In this scene, the way his fringe fell over to one side of his face is somehow just so appealing and sexy to me. =X And I also just love the almost 'manic' way of acting which Benedict used for his character in the movie. Maybe, it's because we have all seen him in Sherlock, so that's why even though playing a bad guy like this, you don't hate him for it.

He's really a great actor and his sinister voice is just an indulgence~ <3. 

And not forgetting the way he fight ishhh soooo manly. =D~~ I'm really looking forward to seeing him in more Hollywood movies in the future. Great, great actor. 

As for Simon Pegg's Scotty, a bonus comedic addition into the movie, just like what they did with him in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

I've been following his carrier ever since his brief appearance in Band of Brothers as the annoying, suck-up, 1st Sergeant William Evans.

Then I 'found out', he wasn't that annoying after all and in fact a very very funny man. I went on to watch his other work. My favorites are these: 

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

In which, Martin had a small part as well. This is probably the only time, you see Martin's hair so short. ^^;

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Yup, Martin's in it as well. =X

Paul (2011)

We didn't get to see Simon much at the beginning of the movie, till toward the 3rd quarter of the movie, he started playing a 'bigger' part.

And Simon was only in the same scene as Benedict toward the end of the movie. 

Here's one of Simon and Benedict together. Hehe. The fact that Simon, Benedict and Martin knew each other and is 'connected', makes me happy somehow. =))

Also in this movie is Karl Urban, who was in Lord Of The Rings as Eomer, many years back:

All in all, my apologies to all Star Trek fans, I totally don't get the movie at all but it wasn't too bad. ^^; Go watch it, those who haven't. =)