Tuesday, May 14, 2013

мартин фриман

Yup, that's Martin's name in Russian. As you can see, I had ventured over to the Russian sites this time and I am surprised to find so many pics of Martin I've never seen before (Which probably being a 'hardcore' fan you are, you had already seen most of it... ^^;). Ranging all the way from 1988 till now. Nice. <3

I think Martin and Zooey makes a cute on-screen couple. =3

That's Martin with the box upfront from the  short Blake's Junction 7 
back in 2005. He's playing 'Vila'. ^^

The Roses of Eyam, Oct 1988 - That's Martin on the extreme left with the checked shirt.
Another one of Martin from The Roses of Eyam, he's like 17 then. Wow.
Lol. The hair. xD
I have to say though, like a bottle of wine, as it ages, it tastes better, so is the case with Martin. Though he never really change that much in terms of his face. Always that adorable baby face and that wonderful smile. Hehe.

Martin in What's Your Number?

Why Martin?! Why did you open your shirt so alluringly wide?! *///*
Here, let me hold that umbrella for you. 
Can I be the 'hand'? >_<

I'm anxious to see the finished outcome of the Radio Times photoshoot. Hehe. ^_~