Thursday, May 23, 2013

Going Gaga + Screen Magazine Scans

While Benedict fans on Twitter all over the world, are going gaga over the latest released deleted shower scene of him in Star Trek Into Darkness, here are the scans for the Screen magazine July 2013 issues. :)

Check out full article here: 
Credit for above sexy gif:

These are the postcards that came with this issue. <3

The cover for July 2013 issue as posted earlier. 

A special feature on the hottest male stars, age 50 & under. Benedict's one of them. 

Special feature on Benedict in Star Trek Into Darkness. Sad thing that Japan only get to see the movie in end August 2013. =/ Following next page is a visit to Sherlock's set in London. I have to say, the fans are better in this area... What with visiting the set everyday and taking pictures... Even magazines can't beat them... ^^; 

The following pages are all the special feature spreads of Benedict. All work including movies, TV series and stage plays he had done. I will love to see a special feature on Martin. >_<

On the right side, a feature on all the stage plays Benedict had done. The largest pic belongs to the stage play Frankenstein. Following next, the page on the left, the lucky Japanese editor met up with Benedict in real life and did an interview with him.

A special feature on TV's best dynamic duo. To be honest, without Martin as Benedict's sidekick in Sherlock, the series prolly won't be as popular. It's the chemistry the both of them bring out on screen. =X

Next is an update on Benedict's upcoming project with Guillermo Del Toro's Crimson Peak. Also starring the beautiful Emma Stone. The movie is going to be a ghost story. Hmm, looking forward to Benedict in it. Full story here:

An one-page article on Star Trek Into Darkness' London premiere.

Other news include also Sean Astin a.k.a. Samwise Gamgee from LOTR with Robert Englund attending a fan event and also a small article on Elijah Wood a.k.a. Frodo Baggins' upcoming movie, Maniac

As usual, just right-click and open the images in new tab/window to view full size. If anyone is interested in the sections on Benedict, please let me know, I will try to translate for you. :)