Saturday, May 25, 2013


It's the second day of the long weekend over here in Singapore. Here I am, wishing it not to end so soon. Anyways, updating a quickie on weird things. 

Started a forum topic the other day about the weird dreams Martin's fans had before. And one of them was, Dixon, Martin's bad guy character in Wild Target, selling toothpaste... Thus, the pic I created to show how weird that dream was... =P

Other weird stuff that happened this week:

Our dearest Stephen Fry, Master of Lake Town, had turned himself into an app.You can now carry him around on your mobile phone wherever you go... ^^;

 An image on how I imagine Sir Chris will look like rocking t3h rocker look. =X

Sir Christopher had finished recording his second rock album. Allow me to quote an article from,'Sir Christopher Lee has completed his second rock record – and the good news is that it's "100% heavy metal".' Nice. Rocker Saruman, anyone? =3

Well, that's it for today, see if I can squeeze in something later today or tomorrow. Have a great weekend, everyone~

P/S: Thanks to Lauren Clarkson 1 for following me on SoundCloud. =)