Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Martin & The (Hot) Men from The Hobbit

Is it too "shameless" to say I love this pic I made myself? xP
Martin @ IMAX's premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness, May 2013.
Happy to see Martin there to support Benedict! =D
This post is sorta about the observations I made after watching The Hobbit's various cast interviews. I'm a Virgo like Martin and our birthdays' are like 5 days apart ( Different year thoug ^^;). So I will like to think that I'm able to 'understand' and relate to him somehow. So umm, I try to make this post as interesting as possible. ^^; Besides that, hope you enjoy s these 2 Martin pics and some gifs I made which supports my 'observations'. :)

Sir Ian McKellen

I like this one of Ian. The setting and the look on his face.

I absolutely have no idea how Ian looked like when he was younger until recently when I was doing 'research' for this post. I mean I have always love him as a brilliant actor but when he was young, he looked like wow. There's sort of like a type of 'scholarly', quiet charm to him. But at the same time, you can detect abit of 'rebel' to him. The way Martin seems around him during interviews is that, Martin seems to respect and look up to him. Hmm, imagine one day if Martin is knighted. Sir Martin Freeman. =X Keke.  

Andy Serkis

This is my fave pic. Andy looking all manly.

He seems like a very very nice guy. A very talented actor. Well, at least according to Martin's interviews and my observation anyways. I believe he is and I'm glad that him and Martin had became good friends after The Hobbit. He's a vegetarian like Martin and he plays saxophone so I imagine him and Martin have alot in common and stuff to talk about as well. Yup. As for when Andy's around Martin, he's like the nice big brother that Martin wants to protect, whom he also admires and respects. 

Richard Armitage

Richard reminds me alot of a younger version of Hugh Jackman. Especially the nose. Well, he and Martin, when sitting side by side each other, are like the direct opposite of each other. Richard being 6 foot 2, his dark, good looks and deep voice. And Martin, petite and just plain adorable.

At first, I found it hard to believe that Richard and Martin are actually the same age. Though Richard's only a few days older than Martin. Richard's a Leo and Martin's a Virgo. Like many observations made by Richard's fans, he seems to be the quiet, determined and humble sort of guy. Martin's like the evil naughty, naughty friend when he's around Richard. It's like he likes to make fun of Richard and see him squirm in his seat. Lol. 

Graham McTavish

Graham McTavish, the guy who also appeared in Ali G Indahouse many years back. He seems to be 'close' to Martin whilst on the set of The Hobbit. In Peter Jackson's The Hobbit video blog, you see the both of them having fun like boys:-