Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Martin Indahouse~

Hehe, made a simple pic in order to match this post. Got my boyfriend to sit down and watch Ali G Indahouse with me today. We ended up having a good laugh. And Martin is soooo adorable inside! He's certainly got some serious sense of rhythm going. With the rap and dance moves~ <3 Some screencaps I took and gifs after the jump. =) 

Also pleasantly surprised to spot the following actors in the movie as well. The first two are 'connected' to Martin, working with him in the same TV series and film recently. I wonder if Martin remembers working with them on Ali G Indahouse before. 

Graham McTavish a.k.a. (the macho) Dwalin from The Hobbit

Jonathan Aris a.k.a. Dr. Anderson from Sherlock

And of coz', Michael Gambon a.k.a. Dumbledore from Harry Potter