Monday, May 6, 2013

On a Martin Freeman Shopping Spree

So, yesterday and today, I went and bought Martin's Confetti and The All Together off e-bay. Looking forward to the day of their arrival soon~

Remember that Martin Freeman Handbook I was talking about in one of my earlier post? Well, DON'T buy it. It's a waste of time and money! I didn't get the hard copy but I bought the e-book off KOBO instead this morning. Trust me, it is nothing but a compilation of all his past work from Wikipedia. In exactly the same format and information. 

I really feel that the 'author', if she is an actual author at all, is cheating fans of their money... -.-''' I'm so disappointed... *Sigh* 

Anyways, I had been slowly 'collecting' Martin's old work. I really enjoyed Ali G Indahouse and is looking forward to Nativity and all of the other titles below! :)