Monday, May 13, 2013



Here are the scans from the Japanese「SCREEN」magazine. :) As mentioned in my earlier post, I was delighted to find one last copy at another Books Kinokuniya branch.

Back in those days when I was still a crazy manga fan, I used to buy those Japanese manga magazines and they always have these little goodies to give the fans. I used to spend so much on those. ^^; I mean, they are all worth it, the print quality is good, the color is great, etc. But they cost like USD$ 17 for a magazine like 「SCREEN」.

Well, this is a clear plastic file enclosed together with the magazine. <3 (It had been added alongside my other prized possessions. =X) Looks like I may start buying Japanese magazines again, but on a more controlled scale. I promised. 


Scans from the magazine after the jump. As usual, to view full size, please open the image in new tab or window. :)

 Unlike Singapore's magazines, Japan 'recognises' Benedict, by placing him right in the front
and Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto behind. =X

 An article on the mini-series Benedict starred in - Parade's End.
Also starring Rebecca Hall and Adelaide Clemens. This series is nominated
for Best Mini Series on last night's BAFTA TV Awards as well.

A snippet of the Jameson Empire Award featuring dear Martin for Best Actor
and Benedict with Tom Stoppard. I love how they seem to like to place Martin
and Benedict side by side.