Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sherlock Postcard Set~

The latest July issue of [Screen] Magazine ish out~~ And they are giving away Sherlock's postcard set. Should I get it? >_<

Obviously this time they're featuring Leonardo DiCarprio for The Great Gatsby but they do have a feature on the hottest star to look out for the 2nd half of 2013 and a sneak peak at Sherlock season 3 (According to the content brief found on [Screen] magazine's website: http://screenstore.jp/shopdetail/003001000080/). Benedict is amongst one of them. Ok, I'm getting it. Will share scans of the postcards from the magazine when I get my claws hands on it. =X

UPDATE: Just called up Books Kinokuniya and the magazine will be coming in tomorrow late afternoon~ Wee~ xD