Friday, May 3, 2013

The Curious Case of Martin's Eye Color

I did not make this gif. Got it from Photobucket coz' I think it will suit the 'topic' of this post. ^^; Anyways, ever since falling in love with dear Martin, I had been 'baffled' by the original color of his eyes. I'm just being a curious fan who wants to know all about him. Y'know. =P

For one, in The Hobbit, on quite a few scenes, his eyes are dark blue or a blue-ish tint to them. I have no idea if it is because of the film's color grading or what.

And then on other The Hobbit scenes, his eyes seems to be steely grey. But when I search the internet for info on his eye colour, what I got was light brown (same for his hair color). I even went and posted this question on his message board in IMDB. I got 2 replies - dark blue with specks of brown and the other reply was grey.

This pic of him shows grey and many times in Sherlock, I saw grey too. -_-'''

Yet on his agency's info page, it says "Blue" for his eyes and hair colour was "Dark Blonde".

Hmm... I think I'll settle on steely grey for now... Still love him to bits anyhow. <3