Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The one who always got cropped off...

This post is dedicated to the woman behind our dear Martin - Amanda Abbington. The one who always either got cropped off or out of focus in pictures. ^^; Like many Martin fans I believe, I didn't want to accept the fact that Martin already has someone in his life and the love is going so strong.  Then soon, it became yet another reason for you love Martin even more. <3

There's a saying that, behind every successful man, there is a woman. Amanda Abbington is that woman behind Martin Freeman. She always there by his side or waiting patiently as he signs autographs or does interviews. They met on the set of Men Only, a telly movie also starring Stephen Moyer of True Blood.

Like many loving actor husbands, they often ask their wife to appear as their wife or love interest on screen. 

Although, Martin and Amanda never been married in real life but one still c an't wait to see the wedding between Martin's Watson & Amanda's Mary in Sherlock S3~ At first I can't really accept it but after see Amanda plays Martin's love interest in The All Together, I think I'm fine with it. =P

Here are some photos of them taken together throughout the years. :) 

Here I think Amanda is preggers, most probably with their first child, son - Joe.

I love Amanda's look in this one. <3

Besides being beautiful, she seems to be fun to be around with as well. 

Lastly, closing off with a latest tweet from Amanda: 

Just lol... Hahaha~ xD

A pic I did based on a fellow forum friend's dream. 
Sorry, I know Martin shouldn't be so tall... =X

Also check out this recent interview with Amanda on the chemistry between Martin and Benedict on Sherlock:-