Monday, June 3, 2013

New fave pic of Martin~

I've basically been entering the two words 'Martin Freeman' into Google Translate and going down by the list of different languages and searching Google with it. Half way through the list and here're what I found~

This pic has became my new fave~ Not sure if anyone seen this but it's actually by the photographer, Paul Stuart, from Twenty Twenty Creative Agency. It's a photoshoot for The Sunday Times. :) Check out his other work on the agency's website here:

Another pic of Martin also by Paul Stuart. I'm just delighted to find this~ Am gonna go troll those photo agencies and see if I can find more of Martin. =X

The photographer also did a photoshoot for Martin's The World's End co-star, Simon Pegg, as well, which I quite like with the smoke effect:

By another photographer from the same agency, he did one of Orlando Bloom: 

The rest are from various websites which I 'picked':-


Besides this, his Amanda has taken up gardening while he's away in New Zealand. ^^;

I think she's missing Martin, her profile pic's changed to that of her and Martin. 
I miss him too~~ >_<