Monday, June 24, 2013

Martin's feature in Japan's SCREEN magazine~

I first got a 'glimpse' of the August 2013 cover of the Japanese magazine, SCREEN, on a Tumblr site. I  had thought it was an old issue due to the old pic of Martin they used on the cover. ^^;  Then a few days later, I got the e-mail notification from the magazine itself and yes, that's the latest cover of the SCREEN magazine~ So happy! xD The scans of the 'juicy' parts of the magazine after the jump! =)

The 'free' gift along with this issue is an all British actors Summer 2013 calendar~ <3

And the special feature on Martin - the basic information. His past works, etc. =))

Sadly, the above are the only stuff that's on Martin... Benedict's stuff took up much of the rest of the issues... =/ They did try to place Martin on the following page of Benedict though. (Martin's right after the flip after Benedict on the calendar. And Martin's feature is also after the Birthday thingy for Benedict.) Besides, his pic being the biggest on the cover of the calendar... 

...his Star Trek Into Darkness, took up quite a few pages in the magazine's Summer movie special:-

This one's a special to send up your birthday wishes to stars who are having their birthdays coming up soon. We all know Benedict's coming up next month:

A fan also sent in a drawing of Martin's Watson and Benedict's Sherlock as well:

Interestingly, quite a few other stars related to The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings are featured in this August issue:-

There's Orlando at Cannes Festival

Luke's Fast & Furious 6 feature for Summer movie special. 

Viggo Mortensen's latest movie, Everybody Has A Plan (a.k.a. Todos tenemos un plan). Also featured for the Summer movie special. 

And not forgetting an article on Elijah.  

***Disclaimer: As usual, I do not intend to infringe any copyright law. This is merely for sharing purpose with the fans. To own the calendar and enjoy the 'physical' copy of the magazine, please go get it at your nearest bookstore!