Friday, June 14, 2013

On retail therapy...

It's finally Friday!!! It's been a hellish week at work for me. So, I have been going on some 'retail therapy'. One of the things I bought will be the July 2013 issue of Empire magazine which feature The World's End.

Actually, I had the choice between SFX magazine and Empire magazine. SFX also did a rather 'tiny' feature on The World's End but they did have a great review on The Hobbit's DVD/Blu-Ray/Ultra-Violet release. Tough choice but I decided on Empire magazine instead for it's uber cool Wolverine cover and richer contents. =P

Scans after the jump. As usual, please right-click and open image in a new tab/window view full size image.

Back over of the magazine. <3

If you ask me, I find this 'sudden' insert of Benedict feature, rather odd. Especially directly after The World's End feature. ^^; I was having a movie discussion the other day with one of my ex-classmates on Benedict. This classmate's a guy and he too also admitted that he's won over by the charm of Benedict in Sherlock. 

Besides the charm, Benedict's also humble as well. Another quality to love. 

Lastly a close-up pic of dear Martin with Edgar. Loving that expression. <3 

***Disclaimer: I do not intend to infringe any copyright law. I am just merely sharing for fans who are students especially as well as fans who do not get this magazine in their country. Please still purchase the awesome Empire magazine for all the great contents, especially their feature on Hugh Jackman's upcoming Wolverine. =)