Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shadowing Martin...

No luck with Martin at the ball so I had to photoshop one myself... =P

Does the post title sounds creepy? It does sound alittle creepy, like I'm some sort of a crazy idol stalker. ^^; Anyways! Did some digging again and I'm back with some updates on pics of Martin in New Zealand as well as The Roxy Great Gatsby Charity Ball. I admit I'm alittle slow again on this one but... Yeah, better late than never. ^^;

Spotted on the plane earlier this June, next to Australia's one and only Certified Lego Professional, Ryan McNaught. Pic tweeted by Ryan's wife. Source: So, assuming Martin really did flew over to NZ late May, he should left with 3 weeks of pick up shooting to go. 

Because, he's actually got a couple more events lined up in New Zealand. There's the Q & A session with The Roxy on the 7th of July which is next Sunday (Source: and The World's End's world premiere's on the following week, 14th July, also a Sunday. (Source: Yup. Damn, maybe I should have shifted my Wellington trip to July... -.-''' 

Martin's also spotted by fans who's on his way to Aidan Turner's birthday celebration~~ This was sometime last week, Wednesday or Thursday. (Source: That's about it. 

I seriously think Martin is 'flying below the radar', he's got no Twitter and even 'stalking' the other cast with Twitter accounts, you almost can't see any pictures of him. =/ Same goes to Richard. I didn't specially go dig for Richard but here's one from New Zealand's paper, showing PJ next to an almost giant, Lee Pace, with Richard in the background. This was back in May 21st at the Tenacious D concert which PJ's daughter Katie, tweeted a pic of her and Adam Brown. 

From here on, are the pictures of The Hobbit cast spotted at The Roxy Great Gatsby Charity Ball. Normally, I do not like watermarks on the pics I posted on my blog but I'll just leave 'em in out of respect for the original photographer, Simon Woolf. =) (Source:

James Nesbitt

Adam Brown & partner

Jed Brophy & partner

Stephen Hunter & partner

Mark Hadlow & Weta's Richard Taylor (I assume)

William Kircher & partner

This one is from a different source, 'The Amazing Travelling Photobooth': They have pics of Aidan and Dean and the rest of The Hobbit cast which you can purchase at quite an affordable price an have it shipped to you. I'm gonna post up those of Aidan and Dean only though. I almost went and bought one of the pics below... (If it's a pic of Martin, I probably won't hesitate...) A special thanks to TheRoxyCinema's assistance in this:

Not sure who the lady in pink is but Dean looks tipsy here. ^^; 

Did Aidan just tell a joke? =P

This is the pic I almost bought. I like this one. 

Little Kiran's there too, being the center of attraction. Hehe. 

There are more from the photobooth but I shall stop here! I'm looking forward to more pics of Martin 'surfacing' coming July~ <3