Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch has chest hair...

As promised, here are the scans from the Movie Star Martin Freeman x Benedict Cumberbatch Japanese magazine special. 

Yesterday was a great Monday for me! Not only did Sherlock starts filming episode 3 and I also received this magazine from my Japanese friend, Miyuki! I was overjoyed when I saw it sitting on my desk!

Don't Martin look kinda wide-eyed and innocent here on the back cover? Although Benedict took up like 3/4 of the entire magazine, they do have a really nice section of Martin. =)) 

This is the first impression I had when I saw the cover - that Benedict actually has chest hair... I mean we all seen him topless in Sherlock and there isn't a hint of hair... Maybe he shaved it off. =X

Okay, I'm gonna start with Martin's section first, we'll leave Benedict's toward the back part of this post.  

This the contents page of the magazine:

An interview on The Hobbit:

Followed by Martin's Filmography: 

Followed by an article on Sherlock Season 3:

Now, on to the part on Benedict, are you ready? =P Lotsa nice photos of Benedict and a couple of features on some of the movies he's in:

Feature on Star Trek Into Darkness: 

Feature on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy:

War Horse. Benedict with Tom Hiddleston... What a beautiful picture!  


Feature on the list of the characters, Benedict acted as:

Benedict's biography. Is that his girlfriend?? O_O But he's been photographed with quite a few ladies recently... So... ^^;

Alittle trivia on the films Benedict starred in:

And the magazine ended with a look at Speedy's Cafe and more Benedict as the inner back cover: 

And the note forgetting a little 'gift' for the fans along with the magazine. 2014 mini calendar: 

Lastly, a gentle reminder, this is merely for sharing purpose, especially for fans out there who don't get this magazine in their country. Again, I do wish to infringe any copyright law. For those who are able to get this magazine, please go buy it! It's worth it! So, hope you enjoy it. Any queries, please e-mail me here: crazyformartinfreeman@gmail.com. ^_^

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