Friday, July 12, 2013

*Caution* Only Speculation!

Man, it's been an exciting day for me, online. First of all, this is only speculation. There is no concrete proof that Benedict will be at The World's End NZ Premiere tomorrow, so hold your horses. =X Benedict's fans are tracking him and we know he is flying to Japan's Nagata's airport at 3p.m., next Monday, 15th July:-

View the news here in Japanese:

Then after further 'confirmation' with a Benedict fan:

And then this video surfaced, shot on the plane. Finger dance, apparently by Benedict...: 

See, first the air comment by a local radio station in NZ, then a video of Benedict on a Emirates flight shown up + Simon tweeted from Dubai. See the dots connecting together? I can only say, 'Well done, Cumberbitches! You have been blessed with the same deduction skills as Sherlock! =P

BUT, just to remind you again, a 'caution' from a friend of mine residing in Wellington that all of this is only speculation: 

As for Amanda, alittle disappointed to see that she's not going for the premiere but she is asking Simon to pass on her love to Martin. Aww~ 

I'll love to see that 'film' too, Amanda. =X And everyone in Wellington are all geared up, looking forward to the event tomorrow. Maybe we may even get to see Richard, if he is still there. 

Feel the excitement yet? =3 Hopefully I will be able to catch some bits from the premiere tomorrow before I go for my Pacific Rim. ^^;