Saturday, July 27, 2013

End is not the End, but in fact, E.N.D. is "Effort Never Dies"

And we've come to today, THE day of the end of the pickup shooting. PJ is doing a live 'telecast' of this special day on his Facebook page. That's why we love PJ. They should have a 'Middle Earth' public holiday in honour of this man. Seriously. 

It's kinda sentimental, you can literally see his passion in the long posts he made from the set. I wish Martin has stayed on till the end. So we can see more pics of him in PJ's facebook post today! >_<

PJ started with a rather long post on his Facebook page early in the morning: 

Followed by a picture of Wellington waking up to this brand new day:

Saying goodbye to his cat, Mr. Smudge, before heading out the door to the studio:

In case anyone's curious about Mr. Smudge's breed, here it is:

Driving through the gates of the studios with a thousand thoughts in his mind. It's hard being a director, it's hard being Peter Jackson:

9.15a.m. The mysterious penguins. What are they doing in The Hobbit?!

Here's our Twitter Bunny, Mr. Dwalin! Did PJ really ask them to just read his Facebook posting? Lol~

He finally tweeted something after 2 days of silence:

Next up, on to the music spotting with Howard Shore: 

And they've just break for lunch. What a cute pic of Thorin in 3 sizes~

It's night time now, and they are still charging on! I heard there will be a party later on!

Here's Richard! Looking rather beat up. Some of us know how the Battle of Five Armies end... =(

And they wrap... Very sad indeed... ;_;

Then it's back home after a long day to find a bunch of teenagers partying... 

It turns out to be a birthday party for Katie's birthday. A very Happy Birthday to Katie! 

It's hard being a genius director and a Dad to teenage children. And Mr. Smudge's there to welcome PJ home as well:

And the Dwarves are finally out and about on Twitter. It's just sad. And I think Twitter Bunny hurt his arm, no wonder no tweeting... =/ Hope he gets well soon!

Not forgetting a couple of beers before parting:

And yes, what a ride... 

I'm gonna cry... T_T

Another great art by . Lol... 

It's going to be awhile till we next see the lads taking a picture together. T_T

They are already starting to leave Middle Earth... T_T

We fans are practically weeping at the end of it... Here's a Thank You video from TheOneRing.Net:

And Hayden's got something to say for this last day of shoot leading up to the wrap:

Rocking the John Lennon shades on the last day on set:

Funny how the sun decided to come out only on the last day of the shoot. 

The cast and crew apparently had a party of their own as well, complete with a band: 

Keep dreamin', Hayden, but then who wouldn't, you are such a cute guy. =P

And I see why the food will be missed on The Hobbit set... 

Not without any 'side effects' of coz', feel free to join him on his 3 day detox program starting next week...

Ending with a music video from the Hot Rob band... I think some of the scenes were shot on location with The Hobbit... I might start a Hayden Weal fanclub yet... This guy... 

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