Saturday, July 20, 2013

His Last Vow

The title for the last episode of Sherlock season 3 has been unveiled.

Before this, I've heard that the first word of episode 3's title is 'His'. Then when I also hear that the title may turn out to be 'His Last Blog', my brain is immediately flooded with images of Martin's John in grave danger... My poor heart...

So it turns out to be 'His Last Vow'. Whew. Because if it's really 'His Last Blog', it sure has something to do with Martin's John Watson. Whatever it is, it sure sounds like someone's going to die... >_< You can find full article here: 

And Mark Gatiss will be joining Game of Thrones for season 4! I was just catching up and watching season 1 and 2 these two days. Can't wait to see him in it. There will be blood...!!! And he also joked about trying to get Benedict on board as well during Comic-Con yesterday. I will love see that. *_* And manyyy Benedict fans as well.

Also check out this video of the Sherlock panel at Comic-Con: