Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Alive!!

The Royal Baby has arrived! And everyone is talking about it online.

I have to say the funniest tweet reaction came from Mark Gatiss... Hence, his tweet earn the 'honor' of being my post's title. =P

Are you allow to tweet that, Edgar? O_O

Nick is the more 'normal' one: 

Amanda's kinda sarcastic about it but that's just who she is. And we love her for this quality. Hehe. 

Everyone's also giving their sincerest suggestions for the Prince's name as well...

King Gary... Now, we all know where that came from. =P

I don't think Prince 'Donk' sounds good... ^^; 

Amen to that Amanda... And may the people's Princess Diana rest in peace... 

And of coz' we did our own 'wishlist' of possible names for the little Prince. There's Martin, Benedict, Richard, Mycroft... We all know where that came from. =X

Meanwhile, things are getting back to normal in Wellington, they had to close for a day yesterday to for safety reasons: 

Couple of rumblings still:

But they are glad to be back in 'business' today and even joined in the hype on the birth of the Royal Baby:

China has also been hit by an earthquake yesterday as well. What's happening to Planet Earth? Gosh. I hope Earth will stop quaking. Prayers to people in China: 

It was half-way through the conversation then I realised that this Jason Aldous which I am 'chatting' with is part of The Hobbit movie's Editorial department... ^^; What I learn is if you keep calm and chat like they are normal people, you can have a normal conversation with them... Need to work on that... 

Anyways, on to The World's End, the film has officially opened in the UK as well as New Zealand last week. And Montreal comedy fest celebrates the year's top funny makers. 

What's this got to do with The World's End? Because Edgar Wright has been honoured as the comedy director of the year:

Really happy to see the film doing so well! Looking forward to some laughs coming September 12th! ^_^