Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Meanwhile in Wellington, New Zealand...

With the New Zealand premiere of The World's End coming up right up this Saturday, The Embassy Theatre, who is the host to the event, are busy 'redressing' the theatre. Which means, poor Gandalf, who has been with them for the past 7 months, has to be taken down.

This tweet's been about 2 weeks old, not sure if  they found a home for Gandalf yet. Try your luck here: 

And in place of Gandalf is The World's End banner for this Saturday's premiere:

How I wish my Wellington trip is this week... T_T 

Anyways, the DOS posters has arrived at the Theatre today as well~ 

From what I gathered so far, I believe that there will be a premiere for The Desolation of Smaug this December. Here's some 'evidence', the person who got 'masked' out is actually one of my followers on Twitter, I didn't wanna 'expose' her so, I masked out her username. ^^; She commented under the above tweet of the arrival of the DOS poster: 

And also, another one from another follower who happened to be at the Supernova earlier on and met Jed Brophy:

The Theatre have already received the DOS trailer end June last month: 

And just as I was browsing through The Embassy Theatre's Twitter page, I came across this. Is that Martin?!!!

*UPDATE* The nice guy beside Martin in the picture above, Hayden, has just replied to my tweet. And yes, that's Martin. =) 

*UPDATE No. 2* Did abit of googling, turns out Hayden J. Weal was at the Hot Rob screening with The Hobbit cast last year:

That's Hayden between Martin and Sir Ian. :) Damn, they get all the good 'stuff'. Not much updates from the Dwarves recently. Except for a beautiful sunrise posted by Graham:

Looks like they are still having fun with what's left of their remaining pickup shoot in Wellington: 

No sign of a new video blog last night, we shall wait till next week then with the premiere of The World's End to be content with. =3