Saturday, July 13, 2013

*UPDATED* More photos from The World's End's NZ Premiere

Ok, I'm about half an hour more to go till my movie start, I just feel I have to get this up. 

Here're more pics of Martin at the premiere. I'm sorry, I will follow up with the credit and all later! My pasta's here and my boyfriend's giving me the death stare... 

Why so close?! >3<

Some photos with fans, pretty girls surrounding our dear Martin~ 

And here're more of Benedict as well. Sadly, no pics of Martin and him has surfaced. Nice Sherlock hair by the way. =P

Here's one more of Benedicy with a lucky fan:

One last pic, and I'm going to sleep. Looks like Benedict's not sitting beside his 'better' half, Martin. Is that Jed Brophy and Stephen Hunter to the left I see? O_O

One more of Richard: 

James Nesbitt~ This one's for you, if you are seeing this. =D

Fili & Kili~ 

One of Simon:

And this uber lucky fan who took picture with ALL the hotties!!!

Another group picture of Martin, Edgar, Simon and Nick. After that, more pics from the opening speech before the movie:

Ok, my movie's starting and omg, I walked into the theatre just as they are showing the trailer of The Desolation of Smaug~ <3 Gotta go!

*UPDATE* More digging tomorrow and let me see if I can get a transcript of what is said at the opening of the movie. Stay tune!

*NOTE* If you are the owner of the above pictures are do not wish to show your face or the pictures to be posted here, please let me know! Otherwise, the above pics are 'dug' up from Instagram, Twitter as well as Tumblr. A HUGE thank you to these lucky people who get to attend the event and share these pictures with us, who are unable to! Thank you! =)