Thursday, July 4, 2013

No nipples are harmed

Found this off Really cute stuff there. Check out the artist's page here: Did alittle tweaking to the title to change it to The Desolation of Smaug. ^^; 

Time for some updates from the Dwarves on the social media. 

I think I missed out the 'nipple tweaking' part. But if I did see it, I wouldn't be upset or worried. Dwarves are tough. They can manage a couple of nip tweaks. =P

I think Graham need not worry too much. Coz' there's already speculation on more pickup shooting coming following year. Simply because that's PJ's style. Yup. 

Richard is definitely flying below the 'radar'. At least there's confirmation from nice Graham who's just been passing messages for fans to those cast with no Twitter account... ^^;

Anyone remembered Robert? He was cast as Fili in The Hobbit trilogy but dropped out 'due to personal reasons'. He would have made a great Fili, although we are happy with our current one. We will be seeing him in Guilermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim very soon. Glad to see him doing well 'outside' of The Hobbit. =)