Monday, July 29, 2013


The Sherlock fandom has exploded on Twitter because of a single tweet plus this clue above!

Sherlockians all know that episode 3, His Last Vow, has started filming today in supposedly Cardiff. No photos has surfaced yet as they are filming in a studio. And then came this tweet from Sue Vertue...

As if this is not enough to set the entire Sherlock fandom abuzz on Twitter, Amanda joined in as well... 

And the next thing I know, it just exploded... Everyone's been guessing what the pic meant as well. Do you see the almost indistinct number 5 in the background? People are guessing the number may represent the number of months till the air date and then there's also guesses that it means the number of hours till the new adversary is revealed. More shall be revealed soon... ^_~

*UPDATED* Meet Sherlock's new nemesis!

Meet Lars Mikkelsen, who will be playing Charles Augustus Magnussen, the elder brother of  Mads Mikkelsen known as Hannibal or Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. 

He is also known for his role in The Killing as Troels Hartmann. 

He is crazy ass tall as well! 

*Imagines him towering over Sherlock & Little Martin's Jawn*

Martin's Jawn: 169 cm
Benedict's Sherlock: 183 cm
Lars' Charles: 192 cm

Protect Little Martin!!! 

Okay, one more 'clue' revealed. The real composer behind the Sherlock's scores. =X

 I shall now patiently await what the number 5 stands for... *Going bonkers!*

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