Monday, July 15, 2013

Still Hungover

Anyone else still hung over from last Saturday's premiere like me? For the past two days, the adrenaline from all the excitement had kept me awake, I never stop checking the Internet for more news and never stop posting up new posts and updating them. Whew. I 'foresee' that it's only gonna be a couple more days before all the hype die down and then the 'hung over headache' and Martin withdrawal symptoms will start kicking in. =/

Now hold your horses, gals, this picture never existed... =P Yeah. I photoshopped it. Hehe. Hope it looks convincing enough. Anyways, I am back with more better quality photos from The World's End premiere as well as a footage I found of Martin. (So cute! <3) You can also check out 3 News Entertainment's site for pictures from the premiere, but we have already seen most of it. Here's the link if you wanna check it out anyways: 

And also, The Embassy Theatre's Facebook page: 

PJ with Katie in the background:

Oooh, sexy Thorin~ <3

Simon with his signature goofy smile. Hehe. 

All pictures from source with even higher resolution here: 

And here's the footage of Martin saying 'hi' to a fan, so close!!! I wonder how he smells like... Oops. 

She's also got some pics of Richard, Graham + a footage of James Nesbitt:

And even Fili & Kili~ So lucky... According to her, Aidan's abit drunk at this point... ^^;

More recount from her fabulous night here:

As for Simon, Nick and Edgar, they are already at Melbourne. Not sure if Martin's with them though. I bet he is. Already missing him.

The Dwarves has not tweeted about the premiere previously, have also tweeted about it:

Not forgetting a reply to me. I couldn't find any closer up pic of Jed in that green shirt yet but I will keep trying! Anyways, I think this is the third time Jed replied to my tweet. Next, I shall aim for a conversation... =P

Apparently, they went for their very own 'Dwarven Pub crawl' after the event: 

As for our dear Smaug, he should be en route to Japan right now. Touching down in another couple of hours. The airport is already 'crawling' with fans:

A pic of Benedict snapped at Hong Kong's airport: 

Looks like great fun! For me, last weekend's excitement is more than enough. I made quite a few new friends. There's also a spike in my pageviews and I also see new visitors from a Richard Armitage fan forum:

Yes, Martin has passionate followers like us, I'm one of them. =P

Thanks to the person for linking to my blog. And also, specially to Alexis, if you are reading this, the very first fellow fan I met from Singapore! Very nice to meet you! =) 

Last but not least, it's also Rembrandt van Rijn's 407th birthday today! 

Here's a pic of Martin as Rembrandt in Nightwatching: