Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The 3rd Clue + Fan photos from the set (View at your own risk!)

The 3rd clue has been revealed by Sherlockology on Twitter at the same time today, well, 7 p.m., on Singapore's side. 

And no, seriously, these daily clues are not any fun to Sherlockians at all... Not even the least bit..

If you look closer, besides that 3 obviously, you see the door to 221B as well as what looks like a woman's silhouette in the background... 

Noooo! Show us what's behind that doooorrrr!!! >_<

I want Martin's Jawnnnn! Even if it's only the back of his head! >_<

Composing the score for Sherlock:

Using this apparently. =X

Serious now:

The whole shebang: 

And Amanda's 'involved' in the recording too: 

Amanda will be filming for Sherlock too this coming Saturday. Hmm, could Mary be in danger in episode 3? 

*UPDATE* Consolidated photos from the set of Sherlock. 

NOTE: I did not take these pictures, they are consolidated from lucky fans who visited the shooting location today.  

Not this one though, thanks to a nice fan who pointed it out to me. I think this pic was taken a couple of days ago:

Here's Benedict on set today:

The new nemesis of Sherlock, played by Lars Mikkelsen. Another hot men to marvel over in Sherlock!

Beautiful, beautiful man:

He actually smiles~ 

Mark looking great in a purple polo tee: 

Some really luck fans with Mark and, uh, Mycroft's umbrella!

Here's Steven Moffat: 

Also seen on the set today, Lindsey Duncan, wondering which part she will be playing in Sherlock:

On the set in Cardiff: 

Just tweeted from Arwel. The crowd is gathering!

Oh dear, I think someone fainted...?

Can you see Moffat in the background? Yup, the one with the headphones. =3

And they are ready to shoot!

Lars on standby!

Okay, we are going in...

And look who emerged from that door!

Bye fans!

Some beautiful shots by the professionals has also shown up:

More high-res photos has been uploaded by a fan here: 

Sources: Various fans from Twitter. Why no Martin... T_T A fan spotted him yesterday at Cardiff. Where is he?!

Okay, a friend of mine on Twitter just told me that a friend of hers said that Martin is not on location today. 

Well this is from a few months back when they are shooting the marriage scene for Martin's John and Amanda's Mary. You can see the suit beneath the coat. Okay, I shall leave you with it. Guess I can go sleep in peace now! Will update the rest later this morning! =)

This week has been a crazy one for me and many Hobbit and Sherlock fans out there... First there's the news of The Hobbit's extended edition and then, something which has been going on the entire week so far, the start of the filming of Sherlock and the daily unveiling of clues... It's driving me crazy!!! Too much excitement!!! *Starts tearing at hair*

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