Monday, July 1, 2013

Martin's Face Appreciation Monday

Looking back on last week, I realised how 'hardworking' I have been making posts... ^^; I made a total of 14 posts and that's like at least 2 posts per day. I must be crazy... And also, thanks to the link from, my pageviews are jumping faster than usual and now already over 3,000 hits. Thank you. I do hope you find this blog enjoyable... ^^; Anyways, beginning of a new month, a new week. Let's take a moment to sit back and 'appreciate' Martin's face. =X

That smile and pose, he kinda looks like a super cute salesman. Yes! I'll take all of them, including you. xP 

While searching for these pictures, I found myself thinking, how can someone have such a cute face like Martin? <3

This one reminds me of Harry Potter, I think it's coz' of the color of his ties, red and yellow - the color of Gryffindor. =3

Great week ahead, everyone! And hopefully, Martin has recovered and is well already in New Zealand. =)