Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Video Blog #11

As we fans finally get to see the new video blog, the whole ten minutes of goodness for us to go ga-ga over, but at the same, we are hit by a shocking news.

PJ will be withdrawing from San Diego's Comic-Con this July 19th. They are shooting six days a week and he simply can't spare anyone from the cast or crew, including himself. It's really sad news for those who already bought their tickets to Comic-Con. But from the video blog, you can see PJ looks really worn out and also from recent sightings of Martin, they all looked tired. =/ My heart goes out to them. You may still get to see Martin at Comic-Con though for The World's End panel. But as a concerned fan, I truly thinks he deserves some rest and off time with his family.

At least they get to enjoy beautiful sunrise: 

Some caps from the video blog. Starting with our dearest Martin. =) Not much of him but it's enough. ♥ By the way, see the sparkly bit from Martin's chest area? Some fans with uber sharp eyes spotted Martin's Bilbo wearing the Mithril shirt which the older Bilbo gave to Frodo in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Lee Pace's Thranduil ready to kick some arse: 

And is that Richard's Throin spotted strumming his sword like a guitar?!

Graham's Dwalin all wrapped up in spiderweb: 

Jed's Nori as well... Looks kinda claustrophobic... >_< 

Dwarf wrap anyone?

Orlando shaking his butt with Evangeline behind... 

Evangeline meeting Sir Ian. Martin~ <3

Luke's Bard and John Bell as Bain. John who grew like 30 cm since they first started and they had to shoot with him bucking his knees. Lol. 

Sylvester with his bird poo make-up for Radagast:

Some real kick ass prop: 

The Laketown barrels: 

Incredible set:

Interview with Dean, Graham and Stephen on set:

Some goofing around, umm, imitating Neo and Morpheus?

Adam's Ori: 

Time for some Dwarf workout! This part really made me crack up! xD Nope, I think the hot Dwarves won't be caught 'dead' in this amount of clowning. 

Yeah! Work those buns! xP

Shake it out!!!


Everyone, you can do it, just follow what I do! *Squat it!*

Gotta get back to work for now. Shall go back and replay the video blog and rewatch it to my 'heart's content'. Go Team Hobbit! Cast and crew!