Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wha- Wait... Why are they in Auckland?

Enough excitement of The World's End's London Odeon Leicester Square premiere. Let's see what's happening on the other side at Middle Earth...

Oh Adam, do you have any idea how many fangirls you're gonna send squealing because of this pic? But, what in the world are they doing in Auckland?

Looks like weather is still bad in Wellington. Hope it turn for the better for this Saturday's NZ The World's End premiere. Yup. 

Martin has two dogs right? Could this 'good friend' which Graham is talking about be Martin? =X

As for Luke, he should be on plane to Transylvania by now. Hmm, didn't he wrapped up on The Hobbit last Friday? I think everyone just didn't want to leave Middle Earth, huh? So do John Bell: 

Aww, the face... 

On the other hand on Facebook, John also posted some pics with the lads at HobbitCon 2013. =) 

One big, happy family. ^_^ 

And look, it's Friday tomorrow already! So much excitement to look forward to this weekend~ xD