Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm back... with a vengeance! xP

*Stretches* Yes, I am back! Refreshed, back to work and blogging! Starting with a pic I found yesterday. We all know Martin loves bananas for snacks during filming breaks. But I doubt this picture above is originally like this. But nevertheless, it's cute! xD

Well, I haven't been idle during my little 'break' from blogging. Some pretty interesting news from The Hobbit's side.

Finally a new Facebook post from PJ on his documentary film West of Memphis:

Looks like PJ's has gotten his rest. A new video blog today please? *Bats eyelashes* =X A spread of love from Jed as well on West of Memphis:

It's really nice seeing the love and loyalty between PJ and the people he had worked with. What a man. =)

Then we have Graham taking a break on the South Pacific Island:

A well-deserved break for him and looks like a relaxing one as well:

After the pickup shooting wraps, Jed has been tweeting alot. I'm not complaining. Like us, he's missing the guys as well:

Looks like he's having alittle break in New Zealand itself: 

And here's what he has to say about Smaug a.k.a. Benedict: 

I wonder if Benny gets along with the others or just with Martin. =X

As for Stephen, I think he is starting to miss New Zealand:

And Adam has not given up on being Amanda's assistant's assistant on Dr. Who:

Everyone wants a piece of it. ^^;

Dean is also back home in New Zealand since last week after the visit with Aidan to Boston Comic-Con:

In case you have not seen it, here's a footage from Dean and Aidan at the con:

Part I:

Part II:

We will also soon be seeing some of the Dwarves at DragonCon as well as in Glasgow for Collectormania:

Find out more information here: 

In other news, looks like the location for the world premiere of The Desolation of Smaug has been set for Los Angeles according to what TheOneRing.Net heard from a reputable source:

And I wonder what happened to my own 'source' who said that it will be in Moscow? =/ Oh well. I'm still staying positive for my trip to Wellington anyways. Thanks to the Red Carpet Tour:

I have extended my trip from an original 5 days to a week. I've also found a fellow fan/friend who is visiting on the same dates as I am! I'm hoping to have someone to attend the Premiere Costume Party with me. Hopefully this fan/friend can do that with me!

This is part of the itinerary of the Red Carpet Tours. Their 14 days tour starts from 7th of December, Saturday. =)

I've gotten in touch with the organisers and they said that they have invited some stars to the costume party as well!

If you are interested, you can go to their website for more details: 

And a trio of new Hobbit calendars is available for pre-order on Amazon now: 

I may be getting this for myself. *_* Pre-order here:

Even the calendar for DOS is hush-hush... I really hand it over to PJ... ^^; I have no doubt it will be good though! Pre-order here:

Okay, calendars aside for now, We may be seeing new publicity stills for The Hobbit soon! Apart from the Entertainment Weekly's new still of DOS: 

Meet Sarah Dunn, the photographer for The Hobbit's publicity stills: 

She is also the photographer who did these beautiful and interesting shots of the guys from The Hobbit: 

Check out her website here: 

Also involved in the shoot is Stephen Fry who had done his shoot for Master of Laketown last Friday:

More shoots on Saturday:

And our Martin had also done his yesterday. Ooh, so excited!!! 

Oh the rush of excitement~ Yes, I am back with a 'vengeance' from today on and I will continue to follow news and keep my blog updated! ^^ 

Ending here with a couple of interesting fan made videos:

I had a good laugh at this one. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug's modern version trailer. xD I mean it's well made and Richard's Thorin looks soooo yummy in modern settings! And the ending when Smaug meets Bilbo is just hilarious. Watch it for yourself! xDDD

This one is shared by Adam himself:

This is a cute one but didn't quite like the choice of the song there. =/ Probably due to the fact that Amanda was called a 'bitch' by one of his fans yesterday. 

Sorry for such a long post, more updates coming later in the day. =) 

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