Saturday, August 3, 2013

Keeping 'tabs' on the Dwarves

The past week had all been the craze of Sherlock. Time to have a look at what the Dwarves and the others been up to! 

Twitter Bunny, Graham, seems to be back in 'full force' which means his arm has gotten better.Which is great news! ^^ He's heading off to Cape Town to film Northmen: A Viking Saga.

It just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy seeing them, even though scattered in different parts of the world, yet they keep in contact with each other on Twitter. =)

On to Jed, he's been hard at work promoting the Minister of Chance, which also 'stars' Sylvestor McCoy:

Support them here:

As for Adam, he back in the UK and seems to be having fun at the BFI London Film Festival:

The hot Dwarves, Aidan and Dean, are spotted in Boston together, for the Boston Comic-Con: 

Bard the Bowman, Luke, is in Belfast ready to start filming Dracula: 

It's really nice to see how The Hobbit film, can bring so many people together and make them into one big family. If everyone in the world watches The Hobbit and become fans of the film, the world may finally find peace. =)

And here are the official covers of The Hobbit's Extended Edition: 

Oh, well, I wish I'm holding them in my hands now! But then I guess, good things comes to those who wait!

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