Friday, August 23, 2013

Setlock in the night

I'd heard of filming for Sherlock in the night. But after all the excitement from the other day, One wouldn't expect many pictures but a few did surfaced anyways. 

Just a small number. I admire you, @GenyDeee and her friends who made it last night. There's talk of another setlock session today on Twitter, but not sure if it's confirmed yet. Due to 'great' demand from my friend @iamthereal__, I shall sacrifice and continue with the chase! (Between you and me, as much as I will love to see Martin's cute face again, I hope it's an indoor shoot or secret location today... =P) 

A tweet from Arwel in front of 221B. Note the time, it's close to 11p.m. on their side: 

Setting up: 

Okay, there going to be some spoilers. So proceed with care! It's quite small, but that's Amanda's Mary:

She is seen standing in the middle of the road with a GIANT picture of her on her wedding day projected onto the building. 

I smell danger for Mary... >_< 

This is the building where she went into after seeing the projection: 

I don't know about you but I tend not to read too much into pictures from setlock. So I will not have such a strong impression and I can still enjoy the show afterwards when it comes out!

All pictures above, credit to @GenyDeee. Here's another with Amanda in the middle. =)

Other news, still no date yet on the exact air date for Series 3. All dates are by far only rumours: 

Meanwhile, while Amanda's filming, the boys are away for publicity photoshoot: 

Hmm, looks like they are still doing photoshoot today. This is a tweet from Sherlock's costume designer from awhile ago: 

Judging by the tweets above, it looks like Sherlock Series may only be really showing end of the year or January 2014? Argh... They are keeping us fans waiting too long! 

*UPDATE* Here's an interview with the fans who visited setlock the other day. Wow, it's getting really huge isn't it? 

*UPDATE No. 2* This just in. Confirm there is filming today but not sure where exactly in London:

*UPDATE No. 3* Confirmed, no setlock today! Woohoo~ Relaxing weekend for me then! 

Ooh, it's another night shoot!

They are going to film through the night till daylight:

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