Sunday, August 25, 2013

Setlock - Scene 33 - 37

It's been a night shoot for Sherlock the past few nights. They are currently on scene 33 - 37. Hmm, I wonder how many more to go. 

Starting with a few pics from the night shoot on Friday, Aug 23rd:

Imagine walking by the cafe and spotting little Martin sitting inside... Not going to happen... Not for me... =( 

Aww, look at Martin's smile. Is he flirting with Benny? xP

Also, a few more pics from the night before where Amanda filmed the scene with the giant projection of her wedding photo on the building:

Here's Amanda looking at the projection:

I have no idea which day these few are from, if you know, please tell me. Thanks!

A really sweet picture of the fantastic four of Sherlock: 

And from last night: 

Aww, Martin with a banana in his hand again. =X

From the looks of it, it seems like a scene in an office building setting.

They also did quite abit on the escalator: 

Abit of action on the stairs:

The brooding back of Sherlock:

That ass + see-through shirt... 

Afterwhich, they shifted the scene to a cafe. 

Lastly, a special thanks to all the fans who made it last night. Without them there will be no setlock pics! 

And look who's gotten an autograph from Benny: 

Good to hear this as well. =X

I can't help but wonder, if it's me, will I keep it up like Geny and visit the set everyday? ^^; I'm not that young anymore... Will probably give up after the first night... The chase online is already enough to wear me out... +_+'''

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