Friday, August 16, 2013

The Earth Is Shaken Again...

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Wellington has just been hit by yet another earthquake of magnitude 6.7. Heard from some of my Welly friends that there are no casualty so far, except for some buildings that are destroyed and such.

Twitter was instantly flooded with concern for Wellington as soon as the news broke: 

And this is just cute: 

Glad everyone's safe and sound but it's still a bad one and they had to send employees and students home. But being 'Wellywood', The Embassy Theatres and The Roxy Cinema will keep their doors open!

Some updates from the Dwarves. Look who popped in for lunch at The Roxy Cinema yesterday: 

And a little 'treat' from Stephen the other day, a pic of the fantastic trio, Jed, Stephen and Aidan. xD That's a funny 'stache on Aidan if you ask me! But it should be taken awhile back as Aidan's hair's short.

Not much from the others. But in case you missed it like I did with the new 2014 calendar, they actually had the first ever picture of Beorn in human form. 

We've already seen him in bear form on The Unexpected Journey's poster with Gandalf:

This is the back of the calender with an 'overview' of the pictures for each month:

And here's Beorn, at the bottom right hand corner of the picture above. It's the picture for the month of December:

According to TheOneRing.Net, fans are not convinced by PJ's Beorn:

By the way, this is also Beorn in bear form from the teaser trailer. I had thought it was a troll... -.-'' 

Another pic of the Swedish actor, Mikael Persbrandt who plays Beorn: 

Funny how the last post I made on Beorn, Wellington was experiencing an earthquake as well. ^^; Well, according to reports, still more aftershocks to come. Be safe everyone! And hope it will be over soon!

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