Sunday, September 1, 2013

***UPDATED*** 'It's just the two of us against the world' + It's a wrap!

New footage from BBC had just been released alittle more than hour ago.

It's nothing much really, if you ask me. First of all, it's not entirely a standalone footage of Sherlock but a compilation of other dramas as well.

The link is posted by Sherlockology earlier on Twitter. Here's the footage:

It started with Sherlock over looking the city on a rooftop. Really reminded me of a scene from Skyfall. Anyways, it's enough to send the fandom into a fenzy. Yup. And in case you are wondering, Amanda also confirmed, that's her in the red coat on the bike with Benny riding:

Looks like there's quite alot of action for series3! Though, I hope Amanda used a body double... 

Other updates, it's confirmed. No more setlock till the next series! They had officially wrapped yesterday, on Sept 1 for series 3. Now, we are just left with the wait for series 3:

Andddd, add another object to be to the list: The hairdryer. =P

And that's a wrap!

Good job, guys! Time to bring out the glasses for the wrap drinks! Till next time. Cheers. =)

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