Monday, October 7, 2013

And the 'Best Human' Award goes to...

So Martin paid a little visit to University College Dublin on October 5th, last Sunday, where he received a Honorary Fellowship award, or as he called it, 'Best Human Award'. xD

First of all, congratulations to Martin but I'm so !@#$%^& envious! I doubt he even been to Singapore before! T_T When will I get to meet him?

I will give ANYTHING to sit in the same room as Martin and listen to him talk. The bliss of it~ >_<

Some pictures taken by fans, yes those very lucky ones who got to be in the same room as Martin...: 

Some high-res ones from the photographer on location: 

Now, time for some closeups of that adorable face. <3


More pictures of Martin leaving the college: 

And double thumbsup for modern technology and of coz' the fan who took this! 

Ending this post with this pic from another fan... Martin, your face... 

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