Friday, October 11, 2013

Hearing Dogs Awards

I didn't expect to see Martin again so soon! And certainly looking dapper in blue jacket + red pocket square. He presented last night at the Hearing Dogs Award 2013.

As the event only happened last night, I am expecting more pictures to be posted up by the organizer soon. For now, I guess we have to make do with these. 

Whatever it is, it's good to see him. He seems to be favoring checkered shirts and jackets lately. I'm not complaining. <3 Aww, that's such a cute puppy in his hands. Oh to be held, cuddled and stroked in Martin's arms~ Heaven~ I wonder if he brought Arthur along, the one in his thank you video. 

A couple more pics from the event (Source: 

Ending here with some better quality ones from:

I have to say Martin's cuteness can rival that of the puppy in his hands. Anyways, happy Friday, everyone! 

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