Thursday, October 3, 2013

The World's End

September 19th, was the date The World's End's finally released in Singapore. It was originally supposed to be released on September 12th, a day before my birthday, which would have been wonderful. But it got delayed a week instead. Spoilers alert, read on at your own risk. 

This is going to be a wordy post. So bear with me. September 19th was a Thursday. I had tendered my resignation to my boss and it had been in negotiation for a couple of days already. Until that day, my boss handed me an official letter of acceptance for my resignation and told me I could pack up and leave on the day itself. 

Certainly caught me by surprise, coz' I wasn't expecting such an early release. I left work 2 hours earlier than the designated time of 6 p.m., with my stuff from workplace in tow, I decided to get off at the mall. 

And without any second thoughts, I bought a ticket for one for next The World's End session at 4.30 p.m. I was supposed to be watching it on that Saturday with my boyfriend, you see. He still didn't know I watched it the second time round with him that Saturday. 

Anyways, I'm glad I watched it the second time coz' the first time I watched it, my eyes were glued to Martin's Oliver throughout the movie, I did not 'zoom out' and look at the rest of the guys in the movie. Like seriously. Martin has that effect on me. Yes, I don't tweet about him much on my Twitter but whenever there's an 'event' involving him, I will go gaga. The release of the new Desolation of Smaug trailer plus the little threat introduction prior to the trailer was a good example. There was internal squealing and tweeting twice the speed than normal and in CAPS.

I got myself some popcorn, a drink and a nice comfy corner seat. There was around 10 other patrons in the cinema with me. It was a Thursday afternoon and I didn't expect a crowd. I remembered feeling so proud of Martin when I saw him on the big screen and of coz' of the other guys as well, hell I did followed them on Twitter and news to the lead up of the The World's End release. And who can forget all the excitement during the international premiere of the film in Wellington, New Zealand, where nearly the entire cast of The Hobbit turned up, even Smaug himself. 

On to the movie, it opened with Gary telling the story of his glorious school days in a group therapy session. All five of the main characters are properly introduced, their names, personality, right down to Martin's Oliver's birthmark which earned the nickname 'O Man' (which rhymes with 'omen' of coz'). 

Then the scene changed to the present day, where everyone was sitting in a circle for the group therapy session. We could see the back of the therapist which I suspected the first time I watched the movie that the role was played by Sherlock's Anderson. That voice, the hair, unmistakable. Further confirmed when I looked it up on 

The guy sitting beside Simon's Gary supposedly asked the question that triggered Gary to get the boys back and finish the 'golden mile', this time making it to the last pub, The World's End. Then the scene cut to the part where Gary started getting dressed, putting on the black coat, the necklace, the whole ensemble which he wore to the last pub crawl in his teenage years:

The first of the old gang Gary visited was Eddie Marsan's Peter Page:

You guys may have recognize Eddie from the Sherlock movies as Lestrade:

Eddie's character Peter in The World's End, is a kid which got bullied in his school days, more of a follower in the gang and the son to a car dealer company's Dad. So he is quite well-off, being a small shareholder in his Dad's company now. Let's just say Gary isn't exactly welcomed by Peter's Dad and we also see that he has a selective memory thingy, probably a hint to the reason why he needs to be in therapy. 

Standing slightly taller than Martin, I find Eddie to be quite adorable actually. 

The second person Gary visited was Paddy Considine's Steven Prince, who is working as the construction head and admitted to seeing a 26-year old fitness instructor:

Standing at 1.77m tall with that dimple on his chin, I find him oozing a certain charm. He was previously seen as Detective Andy Wainwright in Hot Fuzz, second installment of The Cornetto Trilogy:

Next on the list is Martin's Oliver Chamberlain, who is a real estate agent, with his bluetooth headset practically glued to his ear:

I was smitten from the moment Oliver appeared. He's got the birthmark lasered and he loves to say, 'W.T.F.' which is like so adorable. There's a scene later in the movie, after they fought the 'blanks' when he said it in a hoarse voice, oh-so-sexy. <3 Did I also mention how I was so tempted to take pictures of him throughout the movie? His face is just so adorable! 

Martin's been in all three of The Cornetto Trilogy. A brief glance in Shaun of the Dead: 

Then a few minutes at the desk in Hot Fuzz: 

I can't say he is in the entire length of The World's End but, let's just say, you still get to see him at the end of the movie.

The last person, Gary visited was Nick Frost's Andy Knightley, who owns a law firm, all grownup and serious. 

Nick, being Simon's real life best friend, had of coz' been in all three movie in The Cornetto Trilogy playing an important role. 

As Simon's friend in Shaun of the Dead, who is a nerdy bum without a job and played games all day long. 

And Daddy's boy in Hot Fuzz who sees Simon's character as a role model: 

So let's just say the roles sorta switched between Simon and Nick. Instead of Simon always playing the responsible guy, it is now Nick's turn, for once. But in the end of coz', it is the combination of the both of them who saved the day. And believe me, when I said Simon made a really convincing 'cock' in The World's End, yet you can't hate him. Because there is something in him that makes you relates to his character, Gary King. 

And last but not least, playing one of the important role in the movie, Rosamund Pike as Sam Chamberlain, Oliver's baby sister, who both Gary and Steven have the hots for:

I still remember how the first thing she did when she met up with the guys, was to poke her big brother, Oliver in his nose. Such a cute gesture! I wanna poke Martin's cute nose too! =X Anyways, I like her character. Rosamund has always been the beautiful ex-Bond girl in my eyes:

Yet she makes a believable ordinary girl who grew up in the small town, Newton Haven and as someone's baby sister. 

Well, there're lotsa surprises in this movie. I really shouldn't spoil the part where the pub crawl started. And watching it the second time certainly didn't fail to make me laugh out loud, even louder actually. Now, we'll just have to wait for the disc format to come out. Leaving you with the b-roll of The World's End, which in my opinion, better watched after you watch the movie, so you can 'relish' the moments again where the scenes happened. ^_~

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