Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Martin's Oliver

Thought we can take a look at Martin's character, Oliver Chamberlain, in The World's End.

In my own world, Martin is the lead in all the movies. =P

I remember reading somewhere that Martin's Oliver is a real estate agent in The World's End. Thus, the bluetooth headset is seen in all of the shots in The World's End. From the pictures, information and the trailer, I gather that Martin's character, Oliver, is an uptight guy, who is all about making money, but yet he is a trusty and loyal friend. 

Oliver and the rest of the four guys have been friends since high school time. From the picture below, you can see young Oliver carrying a pager on his belt and kinda looking cocky.

The young gang versus the present gang.

The actor who plays young Oliver is 19 year old, Luke Bromley. Do you see the resemblance? Besides  the similarity in height and the fact that Luke has a cute face, I will say there is no strong resemblance in this one. ^^;  Hmm, maybe the mouth area... =X But then again, of course, he is no cuter than our dearest Martin either. =P

The storyboard below is off the latest issue of Total Film magazine, you can see some scenes involving Oliver. From what I see, the character Oliver's already quite 'tech-savvy', using a mobile phone and all that during his school days, and he seems to be already clinching business deals and making money. Simon Pegg's Gary describes Oliver as funny. I especially like the scene where the rest of the gang are trying to distract Oliver but then he got annoyed and flipped one at them. I will love to see Martin doing that. =P

The connection between the cast and director of The World's End: 

Also found an interview where Martin talks about The Hobbit and The World's End. Also, how he got the nickname "Little Martin" on The World's End set. Hehe. 

Can't wait for the movie. <3