Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A conversation between a Hobbit's wife & a Dwarf

A pic I did for the fan request over at the forum. Since it's a Chinese forum, there're lotsa request for Chinese-themed pics... ^^; I have to say, Amanda looks great in a qipao! =))

Just a quick post before I head off to bed. Spotted the above conversation between Adam Brown and Amanda Abbington earlier today. Before I saw the entire conversation, my 'great imagination' took me somewhere where I actually thought it's Martin using Adam's Twitter account to pass a secret message to Amanda... If only... -.-'''

PJ also posted this pic of the lovely dwarf, Jimmy Nesbitt, on his Facebook account. Judging by Katie's tweet last week, the new video blog should be out sometime end of this week or early next week! Can't wait~~~

On the other 'hand', Graham and Adam seems to be having some quality tea time together. Their expression, lol... =X

On my side, part of me have already flown to New Zealand~ I had a dream about actually going to New Zealand already and it's all great~~ But in reality, I went and did a calculation on the number of days to go... Nearly another half a year to go... Oh gawddddddd... 

Hopefully, I will dream about New Zealand again~ Nights!