Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Still hard to believe...

Made this last night, am officially addicted to 'playing around' with Photoshop. =P

Haven't have the time lately to go dig and 'unearth' more photos of Martin lately. Thought I can do one today.

First of all, a belated Happy Father's Day to dear Martin! Also to the great Peter Jackson and the rest of the cast of The Hobbit who are also fathers!

On many occasions, I will sit down and just 'admire' Martin's adorable face, I still find it hard to believe he is already a dad. I was doing some 'in-depth' digging of pictures of Martin and I came across this photographer who 'shadowed' Martin, Amanda, their son and daughter, during their trip to the Santa Monica Beach earlier this February.

I know Martin's very protective of his kids, I respect that, so, I shall 'resist' the urge to re-blog the photos here. But being a curious fan, I did look closely at the resemblance between his kids and him. His elder son looks more like Amanda while the daughter looks like Martin. ^^; I was kinda wishing it to be the other way round... Ahem, here are some photos which I found. 

Lastly, end with this pic I did of Martin in military uniform, saluting. Another request from this fellow fan who loves uniforms... ^^;