Friday, June 7, 2013

No longer a one-sided conversation~!

After hoping for like a month, I finally get a tweet back from one of the Dwarves - Jed Brophy a.k.a. Nori~ I'm so thrilled~ Although it's just a very brief exchange... ^^;

Ever since, joining Twitter, I've got only like 3 tweets from stars? The first is from Scott Grimes, which was like yonks ago. The second was a just a few days ago, who is from Kiersten Warren a.k.a. Kirk Acevedo's wife. And the third is today from Jed~ Never give up hope~ >:( 

But, problem is I can't think of clever things to say... v_v''' Anyways, new tweet from Graham McTavish. =)

And oh, also, John Callen who plays Oin is officially on Facebook. He's new and he needs more likes! Show him some love here: =)

Have a great weekend, everyone! Let's see if I can post something new during the weekend. =D