Friday, June 7, 2013

The size of Martin's head...

There is this Twitter convo between Amanda and Sherlock's production designer, Arwel Wyn Jones, which happened today. Though the pic was posted sometime last week. It was a looong thread of tweets which Amanda later joined in when the topic steered toward the size of Martin's head. =X

First, Arwel posted a pic of himself (the guy on the right) and Martin with the fans as the backdrop. 

Soon, the conversation started toward the topic of the size of Martin's head... ^^;

We all know Martin's got a cute, petite-sized head. Hell, I'm worried myself, even though I'm much shorter than he is, but if I ever get the change to stand beside him, my head will definitely look gigantic beside his head. (Kept on dreaming, girl...) 

Then, Arwel went and photoshopped the pic he originally posted in order to 'cheer' Sherlock's The Sign of Three director, Colm McCarthy, and Amanda up... He basically made Martin's head bigger and his own head smaller, adding some spikes on it as well... Lol... Not weird at all...