Friday, July 5, 2013

Martin on French and Saunders

Martin chats to BBC Radio 2's French and Saunders on The Hobbit, Sherlock and more. Something I found while 'trolling' the Internet. =)

Quite a few laughs in this one (Ooh, Martin's laughter~ ❤). And also find out who he finds easier to work with, Gollum or Benedict, as he 'affectionately' refers to as 'Cumberlord'. =P

Meanwhile, it's already Friday over here, evening time to be exact. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of Martin this Sunday, who will be at The Roxy Cinema, doing a special Q & A. Not forgetting, the possibility of a new video blog from PJ next Monday. These great people are making my life interesting. xD

Have a great weekend people! =)