Friday, July 5, 2013

No offense but...

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Main 'opening' picture of this post, specially dedicated to Master Dwalin, Graham McTavish, who always tries his best to reply as many fans' tweets as possible. ^_^

Just a general observation and personal opinion, it applies to me as well and I'm not pointing fingers at anyone, certainly no one that I know around me, but I seriously think that fans should be more patient and appreciative of the stuff directors, actors and actresses, are doing for fans. For example, Twitter. They are flooded by hundreds, if not thousands, of tweets to them everyday. There are times when they are free, they come on and try to reply to as many fan tweets as possible. While some, may only reply like once in a blue moon. 

I sincerely think that, sure, being a star and all, it's glamorous, you get to travel the world, adored by millions, et cetera. But really, it's a stressful job. So, any fans out there, just take a moment to think about it. Be appreciative that they make the effort to reply to your fan tweets out of their busy schedules. I do. Especially for the effort PJ put in to get the new video blog up and not forgetting working very hard to produce a great movie end of this year and the following year.

I don't mean to write so many words, but the reason that triggered this post is because of a tweet from Luke Evans earlier:

So, send them lotsa love, but not complain about them not replying to your tweet or not showing enough of your favorite Hobbit or Dwarf. =)

And lastly, a special thanks to whoever you are who let me know what you think of my blog: