Saturday, August 31, 2013

And now, on to the news on The Hobbit's side...

A new image of Beorn (as above) had just surfaced. According to TheOneRing.Net, it seems to be an image from one of The Desolation of Smaug's upcoming publications. Read the full article here:

Let's see what the Dwarves and the elves have been up to lately.

Starting with our Twitter bunny as usual. It's the end of August, meaning it's time for Dragon Con:

Jed's reply to Graham's tweet on the Dragon Con... 'C u in november'... I am reading between the lines here again... Looks like the Dwarves are going to be reunited again... For The Desolation of Smaug's world premiere??? *_*

Before heading to Dragon Con, Graham also spent abit of time with the majestic Richard Armitage for the additional dialogue recording of DOS in London. =)

 And as for Adam, he's just been going places in London. You can see from Jed's replies to Graham and Adam, Jed's like missing the others so much. =/

A latest Vine vid from Stephen:

And an update from John Callen as well on his Facebook page:

Looks like he's still on holiday and having fun! If you have Facebook, please go follow him now! He needs more followers. =)

As for our lady elf, looks like she had also done her publicity photoshoot with the very same photographer who did the shoot for Martin and the other cast recently. The photographer had flown over to LA recently to shoot Evangeline's part:

Meanwhile, it's already been almost two months since the last video blog... While us fans has been visiting PJ's Facebook page in hopes of seeing an update, the crew had already gotten a preview of DOS, both the movie and the score. Damn... The perks of being a crew on The Hobbit movies... All us fans asked for is a new video blog... *Sigh*

Just been discovered lately, turns out Sir Ian has an Instagram account. Not much updates for this one. 

But a really nice pic of Aidan with short hair though. =D

Check out more pics here:

Ending here with some new merchandises related to The Hobbit:

Find out more about this book here: 

 And a limited edition The Hobbit notebook from Moleskin:

Find out more and pre-order here: 

A video introduction to the notebook:

Ok! I promise I'll try to keep up with the news more closely next week. Still got the birthday video project to work on. We are all excited on Martin's reaction when he sees it. I shall go enjoy the rest of the Saturday now! Be back with a new post soon. =D

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