Saturday, August 31, 2013

How about a cuppa with Sherlock?

Sorry guys! Haven't updated my blog for the past ↖(^ω^)↗couple of days. Been preoccupied lately. Here're some pics from the paps on the set of Sherlock where they shot the scene at the pizza place the other day.

Starting with little Martin first:

Objects that fandom wanna be - Add that brush to the list. Let me be the brush. =3

The man pondering:

Hmm, a cuppa coffee and a glass of wine together anyone?

Johnlock fans are probably having a field day thinking of a fanfic out of this picture. Like what's going through Jawn's mind when he looks at Sherlock:

Jawn: 'We good?'

Reading into Sherlock's expression:

I wonder who's the lucky girl which Benedict had his arm around... *Hearing the heart of a fangirl break into pieces in the background*

I will love to be the miscellaneous crew to just help Benny into his coat. Seriously.

Well, it certainly looks like they are wrapping up on the filming for Episode 3 pretty soon coz' the 'trail' kinda went cold from here. Next week onward, Benny should be busy with the promo of his new movie, The Fifth Estate. As for Martin, his birthday is coming up in a week's time. I'm excited! I hope he will maybe give us fans a video message in return... *Fingers crossed*

A tweet from Arwel after the night's shoot.

And tempting us fans again from what's going on behind the closed doors with a Vine video.

On to Amanda's side, there's already talk on wrap drinks for Sherlock. So I guess it's really gonna wrap soonish.

And Amanda will be heading back to Mr. Selfridge next week:

Another 'clue' that it's really left with the last bits of shooting with episode 3:

And a pic from Amanda yesterday. Guess who. The fact that Amanda is wearing a similar shoe design with Martin just makes you wanna go 'awww'. <3

If you haven't guess already:

It should be a free day for Martin and Amanda today based on the tweet below  Looks like plans has already been made with a friend:

Ending here with a pic Simon tweeted the other day where little Martin receive a wrap gift on his final shot in The World's End. I wonder if this is a tradition or something coz' PJ gave the cast and crew wrap gifts as well. Which is pretty naive of me to think that it only happens on PJ's movie... ^^;

Now, aren't we all curious what's on the picture. If it's really a naked Benny riding on an unicorn, I will love to see that. =P

Or maybe not. A naked pic of Simon instead. =X Amanda's comment on Simon's pic... Lol...

These two... Lol... Well, as usual, have a great weekend everyone! ^_~

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